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By Chris Shapiro
October 2012

Susanna Hoffs’s latest solo album, Someday, is a cheerful, organically created master-piece that exhibits music in its truest form.

Susanna Hoffs
Photo credit: Rebecca Wilson

Someday is the best showcase of Hoffs’s peaceful vocals since 1988’s “Eternal Flame.”  Coupled with vivid lyrics, her vocals paint images so clearly the listener could get up and walk around in the worlds created.

There is no heavy usage of sound effects or computer post-production work in the creation of Someday.  Here musicians gathered and played as one group to create the magic that is music.

On the advice of her produced, Mitchell Froom, Hoffs recorded Someday in the spirit of 1960’s recording with the entire band playing together in the studio in an attempt to create music that was in the moment.

There’s a synergy in the songs as a result.  Hoffs and her fellow musicians were able to create music that was living verse produced.   Music is a spiritual expression that takes on a life of its own when musicians are willing to pour their spirit into their work. (more…)