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Chris Shapiro
September 2014

The first note of “Rock and Roll Band” electrifies that part of your brain that made you a Boston fan in the first place. Hearing it live is like hearing it for the first time even though you’ve pressed play so many times you can hear the guitars in your sleep.

Hearing Boston’s music live and feeling its power as it echoes out into the summer evening charges the atoms in your being. It’s as though Scotty has beamed you aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise only there’s been a reassignment and you’re onboard the Boston spaceship.

It’s a journey like no other. (more…)


ShapiroChris Shapiro
June 2013



Greg Kihn, rock ‘n roll’s most versatile star, author, radio personality, top-ten recording artist and Beatles’ fan.

Greg Kihn continues to be rock ‘n roll’s most versatile star with his latest release Rubber Soul.

Rubber Soul is a novel by Kihn that captures the spirit of Beatlemania from within the world of The Beatles.  It takes the reader from the earlier days of the band to the novel’s climatic end in Manila.

With Rubber Soul, Kihn, who could claim the title of the fifth Beatle with his work, creates one of the best historical fiction pieces ever written on the topic of The Beatles.  A true fan of the group, Kihn keeps the story within the actual confines of Beatle events while adding a fictional story, with the novel’s main character Bobby Dingle, that runs parallel.

Even more so, Kihn sprinkles hidden gems throughout the novel that brings the story to life.  He skillfully works Beatle lyrics into the dialogue between characters.  Not to mention all the nods to other rock ‘n roll acts.  Those who know their rock history will appreciate the work Kihn has done.  Even something as simple as using the name of “Rolling Rock” beer proves that every aspect of the story was given thoughtful consideration; a mark of a gifted and dedicated writer. (more…)

By Chris Shapiro:

Jack Russell, 80’s Rock Star

Jack Russell, a founding member of the Grammy nominated rock band Great White, did what most musicians only dream of doing.  He traveled one hundred feet.

The roots of his journey go back to his first concert, Blue Oyster Cult, at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Russell recalls the event, “I remember sitting there on that twenty-second row seat and I was telling my friends, ‘I’m going to be on that stage one of these days.’ And they’re going ‘what’ and I go, ‘swear to God I’m going to be on that stage one of these days.’”

Russell’s prophetic words came true several years later.

“One day I was sitting there at sound check, at The Forum, and I walked up to those seats, I’m not sure if I was in the exact same ones but I kinda figured out the general area you know.   I sat down and I said, ‘Jack you sure come a long way man, about a hundred feet,’” Russell laughed. (more…)