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By Chris Shapiro
February 2015

The time on my watch reads 6:25pm. I have five minutes to wait. Lying back on my hotel bed, I watch the Weather Channel broadcast predictions of a monstrous snow storm expected to arrive in New York City within 48 hours. A second storm, coming down from Alaska, is projected to hit the Ohio and Pennsylvania area around the same time. I have a short window of opportunity for safe driving conditions without being caught in either conflict. What’s my boss’s reply going to be Monday morning if I call him with the fact that I’m snowed in on Long Island?

6:30pm sharp. I turned the television down and make a call. It’s a few rings before he answers.

“Hey, Chris, where you at?” Eddie Money asks. (more…)


Chris Shapiro
December 2013

glenn symmonds II

Glenn Symmonds. Drummer, songwriter, father and cancer survivor.

There’s something special about a concert.  The live energy the music creates as it connects with the crowd as well as the synergy of the members of the band who create it causes a spiritual, almost magical effect, one where the human soul can be expressed.

The men and women who perform on a stage and create this effect are heroes.  They put a song in the heart of the weary by sharing their love of music.  Not only can their song serve as inspiration to the lives of others but also the way they face life and overcome  life’s twists and turns.

Such is the case with Glenn Symmonds, Eddie Money’s drummer of over twenty years, a recent cancer survivor and whose battle serves as an inspiration for any facing similar circumstance. (more…)

Review of Eddie Money at House of Blues
By Chris Shapiro

It’s not quite dusk. Through the window of the limo, the sun floats on the horizon like Aztec gold preparing to submerge into a sea of darkness. Skyscrapers rise in the distance marking the shrine of all that is called Rock ‘n Roll. Smoke billows into the industrious sky while Tequila is poured from a celebratory bottle. A toast is made for Eddie Pannutti, concert promoter and good friend of legendary rock star Eddie Money.

Eddie Money and good friend and concert promoter Eddie Pannutti at the House of Blues.

Eddie Money and good friend and concert promoter Eddie Pannutti at the House of Blues.

Pannutti is on his way to see the Money Man at the famous House of Blues to celebrate his 59th birthday. The two men have a lot in common. Not only are they March brothers, with birthdays only eleven days a part, but they’ve spent many years working together in the concert scene.

Pannutti is the longest running concert promoter in Youngstown, Ohio. He’s worked with Money for more than ten years to bring countless and top-notch shows to fans in the Youngstown area.

Through their work, a friendship developed. A friendship that was build from the same passion; that of music. It’s the substance that sustains and inspires. They live for it and will live for it until the sunset of their last day. Rock is in the blood of these March Brothers. (more…)

By Chris Shapiro / September 2012
I’ve done interviews with rock stars before.  Air Supply, George Thorogood, Lita Ford and Curly Smith of Boston are just a few of the artists I’ve had the opportunity of interviewing.  While each interview was exhilarating for me, being a diehard fan of classic rock, they were conducted in a mutual meeting place.  They were done in a press room, side of the stage, or over the phone.  Yet, when I interviewed Eddie Money on Labor Day at Conneaut Lake, the interview experience expanded into a new realm of major importance.

Rock legend Eddie Money

The window of opportunity for my interview fell between 7:15pm and 7:30pm.  Money had a meet and greet at 7:30pm and would take the stage at 8:00pm.

At 7:00pm, I tried calling the promoter, Eddie Panuntti, to see if the interview was still a go.  His phone was off.  I tried again at 7:15pm.  Pannutti answered and told me he would call back in five minutes.  Sure enough in five minutes my phone rang and I was told to meet Pannutti backstage next to the tour bus.

“He’s getting ready,” Pannutti told me.  We talked a few moments about the summer and other concerts.  He then disappeared into the bus to check on the status of things.  He reappeared seconds later waving me toward the bus.

“This him?” Lee Beverly, Money’s bass player, asked as I approached. Pannutti nodded and Lee extended his hand.

“I’m Lee,” he introduced himself.

I shook his hand and introduced myself.  I didn’t look back as the bus door closed behind me but I could sense the feeling that I had just broken through a barrier. When my feet arrived at that top step, I knew I had left the fan world behind and entered into the world of Rock ‘n Roll. (more…)

If there was an artist who defined the style, sound and image of 80’s music, it was Eddie Money.  His smash hit from 1986, “Take Me Home Tonight,” could serve as the anthem for the generation.  Money’s music videos set the precedent for all artists as his videos for “Shaking” and “Think I’m In Love” received strong rotation on the newly introduced MTV.

All together, the Money Man had 17 singles hit the Billboard Hot 100, including “Baby Hold On,” “Two Tickets to Paradise,” and “Walk On Water.”  His album sales exceeds 25 million worldwide including platinum and multi-platinum certifications by the RIAA.  Money always has two tickets to the Rock ‘N Roll party.

The Money Man is still touring and rockin’ fans across the country.  Currently, he has joined forces with Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and released a new single, “One More Solider Coming Home.”  All proceeds from the single go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

This interview was filmed at The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, PA.  Special thanks to Joey Shalloe, Jill Russell and The Rivers Casino for making this interview possible.

Eddie Money is an artist all musicians should strive to model themselves after.   He is a true performer who never disappoints.