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By Chris Shapiro
February 2015

The time on my watch reads 6:25pm. I have five minutes to wait. Lying back on my hotel bed, I watch the Weather Channel broadcast predictions of a monstrous snow storm expected to arrive in New York City within 48 hours. A second storm, coming down from Alaska, is projected to hit the Ohio and Pennsylvania area around the same time. I have a short window of opportunity for safe driving conditions without being caught in either conflict. What’s my boss’s reply going to be Monday morning if I call him with the fact that I’m snowed in on Long Island?

6:30pm sharp. I turned the television down and make a call. It’s a few rings before he answers.

“Hey, Chris, where you at?” Eddie Money asks. (more…)




Chris Shapiro
September 2014

The first note of “Rock and Roll Band” electrifies that part of your brain that made you a Boston fan in the first place. Hearing it live is like hearing it for the first time even though you’ve pressed play so many times you can hear the guitars in your sleep.

Hearing Boston’s music live and feeling its power as it echoes out into the summer evening charges the atoms in your being. It’s as though Scotty has beamed you aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise only there’s been a reassignment and you’re onboard the Boston spaceship.

It’s a journey like no other. (more…)

ShapiroChris Shapiro
March 2014

From the first chords of “Heaven on Earth,” it is immediately recognizable that this song comes from a Boston album.

It’s not because of the amazing vocal harmonies, the freight train powered guitar riffs, lyrically moving songs or the atmospheric soaring guitar solos.  Sure, those are the components of the songs on the album but that’s not what makes Life, Love & Hope a Boston album.

You see, what makes a Boston album a Boston album is very much what makes a Mercedes-Benz a Mercedes Benz.

When a person purchases a Mercedes-Benz E Class, S Class or any model for that matter, they’re not just buying a steering wheel, seats, the metal frame or the engine but they are buying the entire package.  A package sealed with the star emblem on the hood that lets it be known to the world the vehicle meets the standard of Mercedes. 

With the star on the hood, that seal, a client is not just buying a car, they’re buying innovation dating back to 1886.  They’re buying into the leading auto manufacturer of performance and safety.  They are getting over 80,000 patented inventions with their purchase.  They’re buying a level of quality in a class of its own. 

So is the same when you purchase a Boston album.  You’re not buying a corporate rock album conceived and packaged by men in business suits who care more about the bottom line than the track listing. (I should note that I don’t know if Tom Scholz wears suits while recording his albums but you get my drift). (more…)

Chris Shapiro
December 2013

glenn symmonds II

Glenn Symmonds. Drummer, songwriter, father and cancer survivor.

There’s something special about a concert.  The live energy the music creates as it connects with the crowd as well as the synergy of the members of the band who create it causes a spiritual, almost magical effect, one where the human soul can be expressed.

The men and women who perform on a stage and create this effect are heroes.  They put a song in the heart of the weary by sharing their love of music.  Not only can their song serve as inspiration to the lives of others but also the way they face life and overcome  life’s twists and turns.

Such is the case with Glenn Symmonds, Eddie Money’s drummer of over twenty years, a recent cancer survivor and whose battle serves as an inspiration for any facing similar circumstance. (more…)

ShapiroChris Shapiro
September 2013


Greg Kihn’s latest book takes Beatles fans inside the world of Beatlemania.

On September 3rd rock star turned author Greg Kihn released his fifth novel, Rubber Soul.

The novel is a historical fiction work centered on the early years of the Beatles.  With his creation of the main character, Dust Bin Bob, Kihn takes the reader inside the world of Beatlemania.

“It was a magical time never to be repeated because obviously now the technology’s changed everything and you know let’s face it, the entire music business has changed and become much more corporate so I think what happened with the Beatles probably never be recreated,” Kihn said.

Kihn’s inspiration for the story came from a series of interviews he did with former Beatles.

“When I interviewed Ringo and then later Paul I asked both of them where the Beatles got their records.  The songs, the R&B singles that constituted their early repertoire and set the pace for what they would be writing later, basically their entire musical genre.  Where did they those records, well they got them, and the answer came from everybody was the same. They got them from merchant marines,” Kihn said. (more…)

ShapiroChris Shapiro
June 2013



Greg Kihn, rock ‘n roll’s most versatile star, author, radio personality, top-ten recording artist and Beatles’ fan.

Greg Kihn continues to be rock ‘n roll’s most versatile star with his latest release Rubber Soul.

Rubber Soul is a novel by Kihn that captures the spirit of Beatlemania from within the world of The Beatles.  It takes the reader from the earlier days of the band to the novel’s climatic end in Manila.

With Rubber Soul, Kihn, who could claim the title of the fifth Beatle with his work, creates one of the best historical fiction pieces ever written on the topic of The Beatles.  A true fan of the group, Kihn keeps the story within the actual confines of Beatle events while adding a fictional story, with the novel’s main character Bobby Dingle, that runs parallel.

Even more so, Kihn sprinkles hidden gems throughout the novel that brings the story to life.  He skillfully works Beatle lyrics into the dialogue between characters.  Not to mention all the nods to other rock ‘n roll acts.  Those who know their rock history will appreciate the work Kihn has done.  Even something as simple as using the name of “Rolling Rock” beer proves that every aspect of the story was given thoughtful consideration; a mark of a gifted and dedicated writer. (more…)

ShapiroChris Shapiro
June 2013

Saturday June 15th the Down Boys of rock ‘n roll are taking Pittsburgh Raceway Park by storm.

Warrant and their fellow brothers in rock, Firehouse and Trixter, are performing at the raceway as part of their Cherry Pie Tour.

Erik Turner co-founder of Warrant

Erik Turner co-founder of Warrant.

The history of the Cherry Pie Tour goes back to the early 1990’s when Warrant released their hit album of the same name.

“Well, in 1991 I believe it was, we did a tour with Firehouse and Trixter.  Our Cherry Pie CD was out at that time and so it’s fun whenever the three bands can get together and put a show on together,” Erik Turner, co-founder of Warrant, said.

Turner said the three bands have a lot of history together and he enjoys any chance he gets to do a concert with them, which tends to be periodically.

He said out of the fifty shows Warrant performed last year roughly fifteen of them were with the Cherry Pie Tour line up.

“It’s a lot of fun playing with those guys.  We’ve known them obviously a long time.  Trixter has a platinum record and Firehouse has had platinum records and we sold a boat load of records.  So there’s a lot of hit songs between the three bands and it makes for a great evening of 80’s rock ‘n roll,” Turner said.

Though Warrant’s love of music has remained, the way the band gets to the shows has changed quite a bit since their early days. (more…)