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Chris Shapiro
September 2014

The first note of “Rock and Roll Band” electrifies that part of your brain that made you a Boston fan in the first place. Hearing it live is like hearing it for the first time even though you’ve pressed play so many times you can hear the guitars in your sleep.

Hearing Boston’s music live and feeling its power as it echoes out into the summer evening charges the atoms in your being. It’s as though Scotty has beamed you aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise only there’s been a reassignment and you’re onboard the Boston spaceship.

It’s a journey like no other. (more…)


ShapiroChris Shapiro
March 2014

From the first chords of “Heaven on Earth,” it is immediately recognizable that this song comes from a Boston album.

It’s not because of the amazing vocal harmonies, the freight train powered guitar riffs, lyrically moving songs or the atmospheric soaring guitar solos.  Sure, those are the components of the songs on the album but that’s not what makes Life, Love & Hope a Boston album.

You see, what makes a Boston album a Boston album is very much what makes a Mercedes-Benz a Mercedes Benz.

When a person purchases a Mercedes-Benz E Class, S Class or any model for that matter, they’re not just buying a steering wheel, seats, the metal frame or the engine but they are buying the entire package.  A package sealed with the star emblem on the hood that lets it be known to the world the vehicle meets the standard of Mercedes. 

With the star on the hood, that seal, a client is not just buying a car, they’re buying innovation dating back to 1886.  They’re buying into the leading auto manufacturer of performance and safety.  They are getting over 80,000 patented inventions with their purchase.  They’re buying a level of quality in a class of its own. 

So is the same when you purchase a Boston album.  You’re not buying a corporate rock album conceived and packaged by men in business suits who care more about the bottom line than the track listing. (I should note that I don’t know if Tom Scholz wears suits while recording his albums but you get my drift). (more…)

By Chris Shapiro:

As I sit in my dorm room the night before beginning my senior year of college, I find myself reflecting upon my freshman year.  Many things have changed.  People have come and gone in my life like water running over boulders in a stream.  Yet, the one thing, the one constant in my life has been the music in my life.

When I began my freshman year, I packed four albums: Van Halen’s 5150, Huey Lewis and the News Greatest Hits, Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits  and Boston’s Third Stage.

Photo Credit: Bob Summers Photography

Boston was the first band I identified with.  It was about the 8th or 9th grade when my mother brought home their debut album.  If I could go back and count all the times I’ve played the songs on that album, I would have a multi-platinum record myself.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Boston was shaping me into who I am today.  It sparked the love I have for music.  How I act, live my life and even how I view the world, comes from the influences I receive from music and the artists behind the music.  For me, it was, and always will be, Boston that planted my feet in the world of music.

Now, I could go on and list all the achievements and milestones that Boston carved in the music industry but those are just facts.  They don’t tell you the “who” behind Boston or, more importantly, the “what” that Boston stands for.  Here, I’m going to make an in-depth study of what Boston truly is.

When we look at the “who” behind Boston, it’s Tom Scholz.  Master Musician.  Genius.  Engineer.  Basketball Player.  Guitarist.  Inventor.  All these describe the man who is the backbone of Boston.

How many rock stars earned their degree at MIT? How many song writers have penned timeless hits that are just as popular as they were thirty years ago?  How many musicians will be willing to spend six years creating a single album making sure every sound is engineered perfectly?  There’s only one name that fits the bill: Tom Scholz. (more…)