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By Chris Shapiro
July 2012

Geoff Downes original member of The Buggles and Asia. Photo by Patzi Earnshaw. Used with permission

Rock history is filled with men and women who have pioneered their way by original means.  Geoff Downes is a man to whom several chapters in the history of Rock ‘n Roll must be dedicated to.  He had the first music video ever played on Music Television, was the keyboardist for the influential rock band Yes and an original member of one of the most successful superstar bands of the 1980’s, Asia.  Even today, history is still in the making for Downes with chapters waiting to be written.

On the road this year with both Yes and Asia, Downes says he enjoys playing older Yes songs that he didn’t have a chance to play when he was in the band in the early 80s.

“I’m playing with both, two really, quite different bands, even though, you know, two members are common to each band.  I think that Yes is a very different kind of music and I’m really enjoying playing some of the old Yes songs that I didn’t play when I was in the band thirty years ago because their very challenging and I didn’t realize, you know when you study them in more depth, what a great piece of music they are,” Downes said. (more…)