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Warrant’s rhythm guitarist and co-found Erik Turner

By Chris Shapiro
July 2012
The members of Warrant are some of the hardest working guys in Rock ‘n Roll.  It’s an attitude they adopted from the start and one they never forgot, especially co-founder Erik Turner.

“Well, you know we started this band when we were, Jerry and I, were 19 and 16 years old respectfully.  And we’ve just been doing it ever since.  You know it’s in our blood, it’s our baby, it’s our live, it’s what we do and to be able to do it this long, is crazy,” Turner said.

Turner says the band is currently touring the U.S. with over thirty shows for the summer.  They’ve also recorded a live DVD they hope to be releasing soon, not to mention their fuel-injected, high energy album Rockaholic was released last year. [click here for a full list of summer tour dates]

When it comes to Warrant and Rock ‘n Roll, Turner says that he and the rest of the band, “still do it and still love it.”

Their 2011 release, Rockaholic, is record Turner says he’s, “very proud of.”

“You know we spent a couple years writing it on and off.  It was a long process we wrote about twenty-three songs and when we finally felt we had enough material for a record Robert contacted Keith Olsen,” Turner said.

Olsen, a Grammy award winning music producer, has worked with bands such as Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac and Sammy Hagar among many others.

“Once we started working with Keith, everything started happening pretty quick,” Turner recalled. (more…)


By Chris Shapiro
July 2012

As a young girl, Carnie Wilson had the aspiration to help people.  It was her dream to become a nurse and put her ambition into action.  Although she never became a nurse, Wilson never deserted her inner desire of helping.  It has been through her music, rather than medical means, in which Wilson has helped millions of people from all walks of life.

Wilson remembers being in high school when she realized, along with her sister Wendy and best friend Chynna Phillips, that the their three person group had the talent to make music their life.  Together they went on to form the very successful Wilson Phillips.

“When we heard our harmonies blend, it was like, you know the gates of heaven opened up and it dawned on us right there, ‘something is magical here,’” Wilson said. (more…)

By Chris Shapiro:

John Parr’s latest album, The Mission, is scheduled for release on July 4th.

2012 is becoming the year of “rebirth” for Rock ‘n Roll.  We have new material from Springsteen, Aerosmith, Rush and Van Halen (with Diamond Dave leading the Different Kind of Truth train).  Now, just when I thought this  “rebirth” couldn’t be topped, I hear John Parr’s new album The Mission.

This album has the fun, guitar fueled sound that today’s generation of Rock ‘n Roll needs to hear.  I can picture Parr playing his signature American Flag guitar as I hear his riffs blasting through the speakers.

Parr’s voice is as solid as the day he sung “Naughty, Naughty.”  There’s no distortion or alteration.  It sounds like genuine Parr.  When you hear him sing the first lyric of “Big Bad Silverado,” you know it’s the man who took “St. Elmo’s Fire” to number one. (more…)

By Chris Shapiro:

Jack Russell, 80’s Rock Star

Jack Russell, a founding member of the Grammy nominated rock band Great White, did what most musicians only dream of doing.  He traveled one hundred feet.

The roots of his journey go back to his first concert, Blue Oyster Cult, at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Russell recalls the event, “I remember sitting there on that twenty-second row seat and I was telling my friends, ‘I’m going to be on that stage one of these days.’ And they’re going ‘what’ and I go, ‘swear to God I’m going to be on that stage one of these days.’”

Russell’s prophetic words came true several years later.

“One day I was sitting there at sound check, at The Forum, and I walked up to those seats, I’m not sure if I was in the exact same ones but I kinda figured out the general area you know.   I sat down and I said, ‘Jack you sure come a long way man, about a hundred feet,’” Russell laughed. (more…)

    By: Chris Shapiro

John Parr is master of music.

You will not find a more sincere, down to Earth person in the music industry than John Parr, the artist behind 1985’s international mega-hit “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion).” Listeners and fans can be assured that when Parr speaks, writes and sings he does so from the heart.

“I started out very, very young.  I use to go to the Saturday morning matinees you know and they use to have talent shows for the kids between the movies,” Parr said.

Parr was six when he began performing and winning the talent shows.  As a result, Parr says that, “I use to get into the movies for free.”

“Then I heard the Beatles on the radio and that was it.  The Beatles were the thing for me.  Made me want to buy a guitar and then music just exploded for me,” Parr recalls. (more…)

By: Chris Shapiro:

There’s not a female guitarist in the Rock N’ Roll world who can compare to the talents of Lita Ford.  Her 1988 hits “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Close My Eyes Forever” are classic examples of what Rock n’ Roll is all about.  Her guitar skills and accomplishments must make her idol, Ritchie Blackmore, proud.

Singer/Guitarist Lita Ford.
Photo used with Permission: Granpas heyna at en.wikipedia / Creative Commons.

Ford’s rock roots go back to her early adolescence.  “I actually started playing when I was eleven years old, I got my first guitar and Ritchie Blackmore was my influence, Deep Purple,” Ford said.

For the next two years, Ford learned to play the guitar using guitarist Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple as her main influence.  However, her musical life received its calling when she turned thirteen.

“When I went to my first concert, which was Black Sabbath, in 1971, I think it was 71, it completely changed my life,” Ford said.

The experience revealed a new world to the teenage Ford, a world she immediate wished to belong to.

“I had to play like that.  I saw Tony Iommi on stage and Ozzy and Gezzer and Bill Ward and I was blown away.  It changed my life,” she said.

Ford says the concert experience changed something within her about how she approached music.  “I had to make people feel like they were making people feel which was total insanity, people jumping off the rafters, diving onto the stage,” she said.

The imagery of that night still burns vividly in Ford’s memory. “I was just standing there taking it all in you know.  I just was taking it all in looking around me.  I wasn’t wild.  I was watching the band and looking at them and all I could see was black, black hair and black clothes and then these huge silver or gold crosses hanging around their necks,” she remembers. (more…)

By: Chris Shapiro:

When it comes to female musicians, there are few who can boast the success of Debbi Peterson, a founding member of the Bangles.  The Bangles formed in the early 80s with Peterson on drums/vocals, her sister Vicki on guitar/vocals and Susanna Hoffs also on guitar/vocals.

Debbi Peterson, left, of the Bangles. Creative Commons courtesy of Alamo25 at en.wikipedia

The band went on to produce scores of high selling albums along with hit singles that dominated the U.S. and world pop charts.  Their singles, “Manic Monday,” “Walk Like An Egyptian,” “Hazy Shade of Winter,” and “Eternal Flame” helped to define the style and sound of 80s music.

Peterson calls her interest in drums a “natural instinct.”  She says she was drawn to playing them after “air drumming” to Beatles songs when she was a young teenager.

“I could always listen to the drum part and I understood sort of how it worked before I even got a drum set,” Peterson said.