Eddie Money Inspires with a Brand New Day

Posted: May 10, 2019 in Interviews
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Today marks a special day for rock star Eddie Money as his first album in 12 years, A Brand New Day, is available for pre-sale.

It was about 3 months ago that I received a text message from Eddie while I was at work. “Hey, what’s your email,” he asked me. Next thing I know, I have 12 new tracks in my drop box, the makings of A Brand New Day.

The album arrived at a time when I was hung up on the in-betweens of life and not sure what I was doing. I couldn’t make anything right and had become jaded with any and all effort. But life’s a puzzle and certain key pieces fall into place when we need them the most.

I listened to every track that day, keep in mind I was still at work at the time, and I realized that this album is a capstone in Eddie’s discography in terms of self-expression. He truly knows who he is as an artist, a father, a friend and a human being.

Each of us seeks to express in a way that is different than another. We have a drive to be individuals and we do so through our dress, choice of language, choice of careers and much more.

For Eddie, he achieved his truest self-expression through the lyrics in these songs that range from straight forward rockers to ballads. In doing so, we come to see Eddie’s life through his perspective. We come to understand how much he loves his family, why he’s dedicated to music, how he’s conquered adversity. Eddie’s taken the years of his life and career and compressed them into a single soul and he has poured so much of himself into his album that the music feels alive. He’s created a work that has an entity of its own.

There are no filler tracks on this album, no record company opinionated revisions nor anything without purpose. It contains only the purest form of a professional signer song-writer’s self-expression. With the innocence of his debuted album and the street smarts of No Control, one could argue he’s created masterpiece.

After listening to the album and having reflected on it for a few weeks, it’s caused me take stock of my life and even helped me change jobs. It’s caused me to think about how I choose to express myself as a human and what choices I should make to do so.

That’s the greatest achievement an artist can make, to create a work that inspires others to think. Thinking is what makes us human. It drives the desire to express and triggers further creation.

Eddie jokes all the time about being the man with no control. The truth is for an artist to create a work like A Brand New Day, he not only controls his craft but he owns it.

If you’ve taken the time to read this review, then do yourself a favor, go see Eddie in concert, check out his show Real Money on AXS TV and pre-order this album. For anyone who calls themselves a fan of Eddie Money, A Brand New Day is a must for their collection.

As a friend and fan, I’m inspired by its release.  And you never know how a brand new day will inspire you…

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