Boston’s ‘Heaven on Earth Tour’ travels at warp speed

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Interviews, Print Articles
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Chris Shapiro
September 2014

The first note of “Rock and Roll Band” electrifies that part of your brain that made you a Boston fan in the first place. Hearing it live is like hearing it for the first time even though you’ve pressed play so many times you can hear the guitars in your sleep.

Hearing Boston’s music live and feeling its power as it echoes out into the summer evening charges the atoms in your being. It’s as though Scotty has beamed you aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise only there’s been a reassignment and you’re onboard the Boston spaceship.

It’s a journey like no other.

As you look toward the stage, you see the cockpit of the ship. There are three large trapezoid shaped screens that serve as the portholes to the journey. Instrument gauges similar to those found in a jet air plane flash onscreen displaying altitude, pitch and other various in-flight readings.

From orbits around Jupiter to flyovers of Martian planets to beneath the depths of our Earth’s oceans, the images coming through the portholes coincide with the music played.

Powering the spaceship are the crew members: Tom Scholz, Gary Pihl, Tommy DeCarlo, Tracy Ferrie, Jeff Neal, Curly Smith and Kimberley Dahme. The crew members play with an infused passion that provides the lift-off and propels our ship and spirits to warp speed. It’s not surprising that Scholz’s organ begins to smoke from the sounds he’s able to create.

One moment your heart is pounding to the intensity of “Walk On,” assisted on vocals by Siobhan Magnus, while moments later it’s reflecting on a song like “Amanda,” sung at top notch by DeCarlo.

You find yourself knowing all the words not only to the infamous “More Than a Feelin’” but also to “Smoking,” “Party,” “Don’t Look Back,” and “Piece of Mind” the list of hits doesn’t end. The show stealing “Foreplay/Longtime,” the first song Scholz wrote, is the capstone of the journey with mind blowing instrumentals and perfect vocals.

It’s such an out of this world experience it’s hard to believe your feet never left the ground.


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