John Parr Interview

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Interviews
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Music without passion is nothing but noise. It takes a skillfully learned musician to induce passion into a musical piece, therefore, giving it a life that transcends the musician’s realm. The life of the musical piece carries it beyond the audiences of the musician and resonates with people of all backgrounds. Cultural barriers, political ideologies, personality differences and other such human like constructed walls are toppled when a musical piece, with a life of its own, is created by a passionate musician.

Musicians of this nature are instruments to their instruments. When they pick up a guitar or sit down to a piano, they unlock the stories hidden in the instrument. This, fused with their creative nature, is the birthplace of music. The work finds the musician and, a true musician, strives, exhaustively, to give that work life. So that, the story hidden in the work may leave the piano, guitar, violin, etc. and tell its message to those who need it most.

Such is the case for John Parr’s new album, The Mission, where every track is a story come to life through the highly talented skills of Parr. I could list reasons and give examples from his work but I would much rather allow Parr to explain in his own words the story behind the stories told on The Mission.

Above is an interview I conducted with Parr a week ago where we discussed, in detail, his most current work The Mission.


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