John Parr’s Mission comes from the heart

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Print Articles
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By Chris Shapiro:

John Parr’s latest album, The Mission, is scheduled for release on July 4th.

2012 is becoming the year of “rebirth” for Rock ‘n Roll.  We have new material from Springsteen, Aerosmith, Rush and Van Halen (with Diamond Dave leading the Different Kind of Truth train).  Now, just when I thought this  “rebirth” couldn’t be topped, I hear John Parr’s new album The Mission.

This album has the fun, guitar fueled sound that today’s generation of Rock ‘n Roll needs to hear.  I can picture Parr playing his signature American Flag guitar as I hear his riffs blasting through the speakers.

Parr’s voice is as solid as the day he sung “Naughty, Naughty.”  There’s no distortion or alteration.  It sounds like genuine Parr.  When you hear him sing the first lyric of “Big Bad Silverado,” you know it’s the man who took “St. Elmo’s Fire” to number one.

It’s raw, energetic music and the guitar work is perfect.  There’s no sign of computer alterations or added sound effects.  Parr knows the key to creating great rock music.  It’s simple, kick-ass guitar, a power-house voice and songs that tell a story.

The tracks are not pop songs with a chorus or catchy phrase that gets repeated for four minutes.  Parr has created each song to tell a story and each story relates to the overall theme of the album, which is life centered around military service.

Parr has combined his passion of music and appreciation of men and women in the military and created, what I believe, is one of the best rock albums of this year.  Parr has stated that a large percentage of the profits from The Mission will be donated to Military related organizations such as the U.S.O. and U.S. CARES.

John Parr isn’t kidding when he says The Mission is Rock ’n Roll at its heart and one of the best he’s ever made.  Listen to the first five seconds of the riff off “Enlisted Man” and you’ll agree.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Chevy man, but I just love “Big Bad Silverado.” I love the pauses in the song where you hear the hand claps.  It’s contagious and I found myself keeping beat (even as I type this review I’m trying to keep beat with my fingers on the keyboard.)

If you hit the mute button and just read the lyrics, something happens that doesn’t happen with other musicians, Parr’s heart is opened.  Under the rock surface, Parr’s lyrics are written from the heart.  Everything associated with The Mission shows that Parr is passionate about giving back to those who have served.  He’s not singing about a new trend or style, he’s singing about what matters to him deep inside his soul.  Parr is a musician playing his instrument and singing from his heart.  You can’t top that.

I strongly suggest that there are two types of people who need to purchase this album.  First, those who call themselves fans of Rock ‘n Roll.  This is a rock album and it needs to be a part of every collection.  Second, anyone who is serving or has served in the military.  Music is all about the artist making the connection with their listeners.  No one will appreciate or connect with his album more than those who have served.

The Mission is available for download on July 4th and hard copies will be available at the end of the month.

This would be the perfect way to show your appreciation to a service member who has just enlisted in the military.  Parr’s songs will serve as a reminder as to why and what they are fighting for.  The Mission has the heart and soul that will keep any solider fighting day or night, rain or shine for the greatest nation on Earth.

This album deserves a 5/5 rating.  No Questions asked.

  1. jim says:

    I was invited to watch one of John’s first performances when he returned to the U.S. last year, it was in an older theatre and the electrical system in the place fried some of the gear Parr had intended to use, I watched as John’s witty sound engineer assured the event manager that it would be fine. He walks back stage to inform John of the situation, about five minutes later John Parr walks out on stage with his acoustic guitar steps up to the mic and says “I understand there’s been some sort of an electrical problem here tonight! “Well, he says, “listen up I got some to tell your about” and proceeded to rock that hall, no gimmicks no light shows just straight up lightning on an acoustic guitar and a voice that turned every ear. Until that night I had just thought of the 80’s icon as another solo singer who hat a hit, I had no idea that he’s one of the best musicians on the planet!!! I learned never to judge a pretty boy from the 80’s by the old MTv cover’s, they may just be able to back it up. John Parr can!!!

    • Retropulse says:

      Awesome story!! Thanks so much for sharing…John Parr is not only a excellent musician but also one of the best guys in Rock ‘n Roll…Thanks again!

  2. J.S. says:

    Millitary Man rocks, and the instrumental breakdown in that song is awesome. The best thing I hear in these songs, is the lyrics don’t cry woes me, it’s a total take charge you can do it attitude!!! I’m a vet myself, It made me proud to hear a real rocker take stories of our millitary men and women and give them a voice. One of the tunes called Boots On The Ground, I heard that song and got chills, it felt like i was back on the parade field marching with my company calling cadence. I bet the radio stations will be playing the entire album every tune on there is great!!!

  3. Retropulse says:

    I agree, I still think it’s one of the best albums out this year….because when you listen to it, it has the upbeat rock ‘n roll charge that music is lacking today…Thanks for commenting!!

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